Custom Seasonal Lighting

Best 3-Year ROI
Best Seasonal Products
Good Service Reliability
5-year worry-free guarantee

Custom Seasonal Lighting for your home. HLNW provides a complete holiday lighting service package including custom design and product sourcing for your home and landscape, including wreaths, garlands, fresh-cut trees, and specialty lighting. In addition, this service includes custom installation, service calls (troubleshooting), removal, off-season storage and our 5-year Worry-Free Guarantee, all in one fixed price.

All products are purchased through HLNW in your first year, and are of the highest commercial grade quality. Each succeeding year, your price will include only labor and dry storage. Any defective socket wire or broken C7 / C9 bulbs are replaced free of charge as part of your 5-year plan. Of course, if you move, or want to cancel for any reason, just let us know and we’ll drop your lights off to you, no fees and no problems.

This is a complete holiday lighting service package, meaning you simply place your order then sit back and enjoy the results, year after year. Our team at HLNW is organized, proactive and reliable so you can have peace of mind and focus on what truly matters to you during the holidays.

Most customers look for a custom seasonal lighting plan just like the one above, and we love working with our return clients year after year.

However, if you want the Ferrari of lighting displays and the highest 5+ year ROI, consider upgrading to Custom Permanent Lighting.