Commercial Holiday Lighting

Spread Christmas Cheer Among Your Employees and Customers

Don’t be a Grinch! Foster team morale among your employees and show your clients your soft side by adding a few festive touches to your building, entryway or landscaping. You will stand out in the best way, when your customers approach your building!

A light display doesn’t need to be sophisticated to be welcoming, but it will surely make your visitors appreciate your attention to detail.

We are ready to transform your retail store, restaurant, hotel or business complex into a winter wonderland that includes temporary or permanent light installation, added decor, landscape lighting and even Christmas trees.


Of course, the same amenities that we offer to our residential clients, are also included for our commercial clients. Additionally, we recognize that our presence may affect your business. We strive to complete our work in the most safe, efficient and non-obtrusive way.




We take every safety precaution to protect our team and clients from liabilities. But just in case - our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured up to $2 million.



Stand out this Christmas season. Your customers will appreciate your festive spirit, and your storefront will be dressed in its Holiday Best with HLNW. From classic to whimsical, we have displays for your clients of all ages.



Are you part of a business complex? Involve your neighbors to create a cohesive Christmas display while qualifying for money-saving volume discounts. Give us a call for more information on this Win-Win Deal!


Custom Permanent Lighting for Your Business

Make a great impression beyond the season.

Show your holiday spirit! Show your team spirit! Celebrate birthdays, sales, national holidays or special occasions with our completely customizable permanent illumination solution that looks spectacular - whether it’s on, or off!

Our Permanent Lighting solution is guaranteed to get attention - whether you use it to create ambiance on a warm summer night, or party it up on New Year’s Eve. Once installed, this reliable solution provides year-round versatility, millions of colors and animation presets at the push of a button. Connected to your central Wi-Fi and controlled via our iOS / Android app, any night of the year is yours to light up.

Learn more about HLNW Permanent Lighting


What your neighbor in Bellevue, WA says:

Our lights have been free of issues since upgrading to the permanent solution offered by Holiday Lighting Northwest. The flexibility to select various colors and patterns is a plus for sales and special events.
— Nicolas P.