Wreaths & Garland

Pre-lit accessories introduce the Christmas spirit to your home. Holiday Lighting Northwest can add garlands to your vertical lines, such as the pillars and door frames, and wreaths to doors, windows and roof peaks.




A symbol of victory and everlasting life, wreaths have long been an important part of Christmas decor. Choose from 18” or 24” wreaths for your door, or select an oversized wreath to accentuate the peak of your roofline.



Garlands are a versatile way to bring holiday spirit into your home. No pillar or banister is complete without a garland during the Christmas Season! A soft green wrap immediately adds festive whimsy without much effort.

Don’t forget your fence. Boughs of garland can beautify your yard when skies are grey and trees are bare.


We Find and Install The Perfect Greenery



What your neighbor in Seattle, WA says:

HLNW has been such a great company to work with. The guys with their matching overalls and hats is pretty awesome. But when it comes down to customer service they definitely take care of our needs. We’ve been doing seasonal lighting with them for a couple years. But, knowing how great they are at taking care of their customers, we’ll be sure to use them for other services. Thank you!
— Dan A.