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Whether you opt for a classic design, or are excited to customize your own unique lighting theme, HLNW is your reliable partner for holiday lighting. Our professional, comprehensive, yet flexible approach to lighting up your home can make this time of year truly joyful. We give you the option to have us install your existing product, or you can have us take care of it all: product sourcing, installation, service calls (if needed), removal, maintenance and storage. All this while receiving the highest level of customer service and pre-scheduled service dates.


These are the only guys to go to if you want professional holiday light installation. We have an estate and a very steep roof. Many companies will not go on our roof and it is important that our lights look professional for our holiday events. HLNW never disappoints. They always arrive promptly and our lights are perfect. You always get what you pay for.
— Sarah F., Redmond, WA


How can we help you today?



As the standard of professional lighting services for more than twenty years, HLNW elevates seasonal lighting to the most comprehensive holiday lighting solution available in the Puget Sound. When you elect to purchase your lights through us, we assist with design and sourcing product, installation, removal, maintenance and off-season storage. We even guarantee your lights will be completely worry-free for up to 5 years.
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Developments in technology and manufacturing have finally shined on the holiday lighting industry. Now you can get a fully animated LED display with over 16 million possible color combinations permanently installed on your home, and it even looks fantastic at all other (non-holiday) times of the year, too. You can get this app-controlled display with a lifetime warranty for only 20 to 40% above our seasonal lighting packages. Talk about maximum ROI.
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Select One of Our Holiday Lighting Themes


What your neighbor in Redmond, WA says:

These guys made lighting our home up for Christmas really simple. Point, click, done. We love our lights (and the uniforms are classy). Thanks guys!
— John & Carol S.

All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting Service



With over 40 bulbs, colors and styles to choose from, the options for your Christmas display are endless.



As soon as the new year comes around, so do we! Christmas light removal is included in all our services.
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Custom light installation by our professional technicians guarantees a display that fits your home like a glove.



Don’t use up valuable space in your garage all year long. Take advantage of our off-season storage.
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Lights out? No problem. Give us a call and one of our technicians will come out within 24 hours to fix it.



With our installation and storage plan, we guarantee a functioning light display for five consecutive years.
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Take The Stress Out of the Holidays

Expectations are high during the most wonderful time of the year. While schedules fill up fast with gatherings, performances and preparations, our hearts long to share the simple Christmas magic from our childhood. But, that simple magic can be a lot of work! Let Holiday Lighting Northwest take exterior decorating off your plate, and avoid the pitfalls.



9 Reasons why you should choose HLNW for your residential lighting display:



You stay warm, dry & safe.

We offer both permanent & seasonal custom lighting solutions.

Avoid problems due to overloaded electrical circuits.

Enjoy tight, bright lines instead of droopy strings & burnt-out bulbs.

Choose from 8 preset lighting themes, or customize your own.

Got a bulb out? Maintenance is included in all our plans — Just call us!

Upon removal, all custom lighting is dehumidified to prevent corrosion.

Save garage & attic space. We store your lights.

Relax, we’ve got more than 20-years experience.


What your neighbor in Sammamish, WA says:

Handing the reins to Holiday Lighting NW is by far and away the best decision I’ve made in 25 years of decorating. There are innumerable details to consider (and I’m hard to please), but Greg and his team make it an enjoyable experience.
— Marcie J.
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HLNW is Your Reliable Partner


Whether your desire is to light a 80-foot tall tree to be admired across Lake Washington, or to dress your home from top to bottom in festive lights, the team at Holiday Lighting Northwest has the experience to get it done. From large projects to small ones requiring only a couple hours, we can accommodate most budgets and project scopes.

We provide three (3) types of lighting solutions:

1) LABOR ONLY (Good): This is your best option if you’ve already made the investment in your lights, either at a retail store, or another lighting company that sold you a commercial grade product. We will install your lights as you wish, and remove them following the holiday season. Learn more about hiring HLNW to put up your lights.

2) CUSTOM SEASONAL LIGHTING (Better): This is what you want if you’re ready to start fresh with a quality seasonal product and a great service experience. HLNW will work with you to determine your color set and the scope of your display. We will source all of your product from home and landscape lights, to wreaths, garland and specialty decorations. (If you require the talents of a professional decorator, we have terrific resources and are happy to refer you.) HLNW will provide a complete service experience from installation, mid-season service calls (if needed), removal, storage and our popular 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee. It’s all included in our complete custom seasonal lighting package. Note: if you already own your lights and wish to upgrade to this option, we offer rebates on various lighting products. Just ask us! Learn more about HLNW’s custom seasonal lighting services.

3) CUSTOM PERMANENT LIGHTING (Best): What if you could light up your home for Christmas AND every other special occasion throughout the year (Birthdays, Graduations, Seahawks games, the 4th of July, etc.), then make your lights disappear during the day? Add to this the ability to animate your lights from your phone across a palette of 16 million colors while reducing your lighting energy consumption by up to 500%. HLNW proudly offers a permanent solution to holiday lighting for your home and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. We install year round, so ask us about it today! Learn more about HLNW’s custom permanent lighting solutions.


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What your neighbor in Issaquah, WA says:

5 Star Review HLNW.png
I’ve hired several companies over 9 years across 3 states. They all stopped short in delivering a comprehensive service. HLNW went the distance.
— Heinz K.

A Little Light Goes a Long Way


Stand out in the best way, when your customers approach your building, or storefront. A light display doesn’t need to be grand, or sophisticated to be welcoming, but it will surely make your visitors appreciate your attention to detail.

The team at HLNW is ready to transform your retail store, restaurant, hotel or business complex into a winter wonderland that includes light installation, added decor, landscape lighting and even live Christmas trees.


Safety Is Our First Concern

We know that ladders, cords and equipment needed for light installation can present a cause for concern. We do everything in our power to make the installation and removal process as smooth and non-invasive for you, your employees and your customers.


Learn More About Commercial Holiday Lighting 


What your neighbor in Bellevue, WA says:

5 Star Review HLNW.png
Many of our tenants rely on the holidays to make up for slower times of the year. We needed a dependable firm to light up the perimeter of our commercial properties during the holidays. Holiday Lighting Northwest was the right choice.
— Jerry N.

Build Your One-of-a-Kind Display

Go traditional, or go unique, it’s up to you. With over 40 individual options for color, bulb type, size and spacing of your light display, there are few limits to your creativity. Whether you opt for classic white, or a crazy variation of unicorn fairy dust, there are really no wrong answers no matter what theme you choose — and you can always switch it up the following year with our bulb buy-back option. Ask for details.

A free consultation is available upon request and includes and custom samples of light or color combinations to demonstrate your vision.



Manage Your Magic

Nothing says “Christmas Magic” like incandescent warm white light bulbs on a snowy cottage in the woods. But let’s face it: Christmas decor can often be accompanied by a hefty power bill.

That doesn’t have to be the case! Opt for energy-saving LED bulbs, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the low impact on your utilities statement. LED lights now come in a variety of colors and shades, so you can enjoy the signature warm glow at a fraction of the electricity cost.

Our qualified lighting experts can help you achieve the look you’re after, while managing cost and efficiency. Contact us today for your free lighting consultation.


How It Works

At Holiday Lighting Northwest, we work with spools of light string that can be customized with the bulbs and color scheme that match your vision. The light string is then cut to size, attached to your home’s gutters with clips, and connected to hidden lead wires.

This results in a Christmas light display that fits your home like a glove. No drooping lines, no asymmetrical light “overhang” to reach the nearest outlet - and most importantly, no hazards due to overloaded circuits.

Time controls are part of the HLNW light display as well, and can be set to your specifications.

Your happiness is always 100% guaranteed. To us, that means we don’t run from problems. Rather, we will work to correct our mistakes if they occur, or refund your purchase.

If you purchase lights and installation from HLNW, service calls, troubleshooting, removal, storage and a 5-Year Worry-Free Guarantee are included with your holiday light installation.


What your neighbor in Kirkland, WA says:

5 Star Review HLNW.png
One word... AWESOME.
— Ryan D.