Custom Permanent Lighting

Best 5+ Year roi
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low voltage animation
controlled via wifi
lifetime guarantee

Custom Permanent Lighting for your home. HLNW provides a lifetime guaranteed permanent holiday lighting solution that looks great on your home year-round, whether the lights are on or off.

While you’ll pay more in the short term, this solution provides unparalleled versatility, reliability, and long-term value. With year-round access to numerous animations and millions of color options, your permanent lighting display puts your home or business on the map as party central for a variety of annual celebrations (i.e. national holidays, birthdays, graduations, sports events, and more).

While permanently installed, the system “disappears” into the gutter lines and peaks of your home. Subtle LED light elements provide either spot light or drop light illumination for your home in any color, or animation.

And since your permanent lighting system is connected to your home’s central Wi-Fi and controlled through our iOS / Android app, we can integrate additional lighting and security options.