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Labor Only

best 1-Year ROI

(Install & Remove) Labor Only is the entry level of our service packages. The customer (you) provides all product, and HLNW provides all labor. This may include lighting for your home, landscape, and installation of wreaths or garlands.

We bill hourly for this service due to the many variables that our technicians encounter when installing unfamiliar products that may, or may not work as expected. Time can add up quickly especially with multiple technicians on site, or unforeseen problems with non-commercial grade products. We promise to work as fast and safe as possible to deliver value to your project.

In most cases, this will be your most economical option (for a single year ROI). However, we provide no guarantees that your product will remain lit. If your lights fail to work as expected through the season, you may call HLNW to research and fix the problem, however all service calls are billed hourly in addition to the cost of installation and removal.


If you prefer controlling costs, high quality products, and the simplicity of packaged services, consider upgrading to Custom Seasonal Lighting.