Residential Holiday Lighting

Spread Christmas cheer among your family, friends and neighbors by blessing them with a gorgeous display during these darkest days of the year.

A professional lighting installation by HLNW will outline your home and roof in beautiful illumination that is measured to fit perfectly. No sagging, no drooping, no stretching for the nearest outlet. And with energy-saving LED bulbs, you can avoid the costly power bill after the holidays.



With over 40 bulb types, colors, sizes and styles to choose from, the options for your Christmas display are endless. Our representatives will assist you in selecting the products and accessories that will bring your holiday vision to life.



Holiday light installation by our professional technicians guarantees a custom display that fits your home like a glove. Power supply lines are invisibly tucked away without overloading your circuits. Friendly, timely, safe, and a joy to work with. Get started by requesting a free quote.



Did wind or weather get your lights down and out? Did a bulb burn out and leave you with an unsightly gap? Issues with your timer? No problem. Give us a call and one of our technicians will come out within 24 hours to fix the problem.



When the holidays are over and the new year comes around, so do we! Christmas lights and decor removal are included in all our lighting services, and scheduled in advance at the time of installation. That way, you can truly enjoy a clean and fresh start into the new year.



Don’t use up valuable storage space in your garage all year long. Instead, enjoy our off-season storage option and the extra care we take to dehumidify your lights and prevent corrosion. While they’re packed away, not only do we take good care of your lights, we also reserve your prime spot for reinstallation the following year.



A truly worry free experience. That means, as long as you store your custom lights with HLNW, we’ll cover the cost of any service calls (should they arise), and replacement of any C7 / C9 socket wire and bulbs for five consecutive years. Some of our customers have enjoyed the same lights for more than 20 years.


Take Stress Out. Put Magic In.

You know that your schedule will fill up during the holidays. Not only are daylight hours getting shorter, but indoor activities with friends just sound so much better than installing lights on a slippery ladder while getting pummeled by wind and rain.

So, leave it to us! We have the gear and expertise to install your holiday lights efficiently, safely, and (if we say so ourselves) beautifully.

Is it time to let the pros take on your decorating project? We’d love to discuss the details of your project.


What your neighbor in Woodinville, WA says:

After years of tangled lights and endless hours of testing and replacing bad bulbs, it was time to make the switch. We’re so glad we did.
— Barbara & Jim R.